A Group of Company's

Providing Security Solutions

SAI Group is a group of companies based all over Australia providing Physical and Technical Security Services to all sectors. No job is too small or big and we only supply quality guaranteed service to all out customers.

Our Companies Include:

  • First Response Community Protection
  • SANDS: Security & Services
  • ET Security Services
  • BNA: Burdekin Night Alert
  • NQSS: North Queensland Security Services
  • ICSS: Integrated Concierge & Security Services
  • Augusta Security

First Response Security


Sands Security Services

ET Security Services

Augusta Security

Integrated Concierge & Security Services


SAI Group have patrols on the ground 24/7 in all out locations with the ability to rapidly deploy as requiredo your needs


SAI Group are able to supply reports to all our clients as and when required.

24/7 Controll Room

SAI Group operate a 24/7 control room to make sure you have a single point contact for all your needs and to dispatch officers to the jobs in the correct areas.

Real Time Tracking

We have real time tracking of all out officers cross our companies with the ability to send instant reports on patrols and incidents as reqired.

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